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Pup Relief Tour

Brian Taylor left a job in finance 10 years ago to pursue his dream of working with dogs. He went on to launch Harlem Doggie Day Spa in New York, a successful full-service grooming, cage-free boarding and dog-walking company. When the COVID pandemic hit, Brian saw an opportunity to lend a helping hand the best way he knew how. He started by offering a few free services to "pet parents" financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in New York City. The project was so successful, he was inspired to take his project on the road to select cities across the U.S.

"During these difficult times, pups can sense our despair," he said. " I’m hoping that this tour will offer a bit of happiness to pups and their parents experiencing hardships all over our country. I also hope that this tour will help connect Americans of all backgrounds through their love of pups."

Nothing fuels my heart more than seeing good people doing good things.

You can read the full CNN article here .

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