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Interested in supporting animal rescue efforts? Here are some of our favorites doing great work. 

Deity Dogs + Goods

Deity Animal Rescue + Foundation is a female owned and operated 501(c)3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue and boutique located in Beverly Hills,Ca. They  rely on the amazing village of donors to help fund their mission to rescue, rehabilitate and home dogs in need.

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The Gentle Barn

The Gentle Barn is a 6-acres paradise in Santa Clarita, Ca. Home to over 170 rescued animals. With the support from the community, they work hard each day to create a kinder world by rescuing animals, giving them sanctuary, and healing children through telling the animals’ stories.

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Love Leo Rescue

Love Leo has a soft spot for dogs that have been abused, neglected, injured and forgotten.  Many of the dogs they save require costly, life saving medical care.  Dogs with broken legs, dogs with pneumonia or parvo, dogs that have been hit by cars, dogs with severe skin infections, dogs that have been starved, or left to fend for themselves on the street, moms and puppies that are no longer wanted by their former families. All of these dogs are given a second chance under the care of Love Leo.

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Pet Rescue Pilots

"Soaring on the wings of your generosity, Pet Rescue Pilots® flies pets out of shelters and lands them safely in the loving arms of rescue groups, fosters, and forever homes.."

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