Is Your Dog Buzz-Killing Your At-Home Workout?

Lets face it, at-home workouts are here to stay—for the next several months, or longer. If you are like most of my clients your pup thinks it's a big old party when you are working out. If they aren't trying to play and jump on you, they are lying on your yoga mat or trying to snuggle. While there is no doubt this is cute, it can also be dangerous. A dropped weight or a misplaced foot can lead to some mild to serious injuries for you or your pet and, frankly, it can also be a buzzkill when you are just trying to get in those few minutes of self-care. If you aren't able to successfully keep them in another room away from your workout space (the best option), this is a scenario in which having implemented some basic trained behaviors such as "settle" or "go to place or bed "

can be incredibly helpful. In addition, provide some canine enrichment activities like a

frozen chew toy, a lick mat, or a yummy bone to get you both through the workout .

If your dog doesn't already know "settle "or "go- to-mat" it's never too late to learn. Remember learning a new behavior takes patience and time. Check out the video below by certified trainer Nicole Ellis for a step-by-step guide on teaching " go-to-bed".

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