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Could Your Pet Be Your Soul Guide?

"Who rescued who?" It's a common motif when referring to the relationship we have with our pets . When I met my dog Chance I knew there was a greater force at play. I had never felt an energetic push in the way I did the day I adopted him. Though I did not know it at the time, he would guide me towards a new business and a new way of life, and remind me how to give and receive love unconditionally all along the way. You could definitely say he rescued me. If you have ever wondered if the relationship you have with your furry friend just might have a purpose greater than love and companionship, you are not alone.

Certified dog trainer, pet intuitive, pet numerologist Denise Mange, founder of Pet Prana, believes everyday interactions with our pets have the power to transform us. Her work combines traditional obedience training with energetic considerations of pet guardianship to facilitate meaningful connections and behavioral shifts for both humans and companion animals.


Q & A with Denise Mange

What is the most common reason people seek your help?

Whether it's to gain insight on a behavioral aspect of living with their pet, to better understand their life purpose with their pet's guidance, or to connect with a pet that's crossed over, the catalyst for booking a pet reading with me always has to do with the pet guardian's readiness for shifts and transformation to take place in his or her life.


Have you discovered any common themes in regards to what our animals are trying to share with us or guide us towards?

Whether pet parents are looking to shift their pet's reactions on leash, shift misconceptions preventing them from trusting their own abilities, or shift grief after the loss of a beloved pet, pets always bring through messages and insights that empower their human. Different animal communicators get different sorts of information, but for me pets have always brought through information about who we truly are and the abilities and gifts we are here to share. Our animal companions are amazing at helping us pinpoint our passion and purpose, and can concisely—albeit always compassionately —draw our attention to ingrained habits, repetitive dynamics or false beliefs that may be standing in our way or keeping us from pursuing our passions, aspirations, and gifts. As one of the most honest relationships in our lives, our pets know us better than anyone else, making them the perfect partners to provide loving insight into patterns, relationships, habits, and dynamics that we are ready to shift in order to vibe higher.


What exactly is numerology and how does numerology play a role in the relationship we have with our pets?

Numerology is one of my favorite ways to better understand both pet and human motivations, tendencies, and purposes. Numerology is based on the premise that each number carries a unique vibration, and that at its most basic level, everything in the universe can be distilled to a simple numerical form. Whether human or furry, our souls are engineered by the vibrations of numbers and the unique combination each carries, such as birthdays or numerical values corresponding with letters in our names. By understanding the unique combination of letters and numbers that comprise our name, we get a glimpse into what makes each of us tick, gifts we have, our patterns, roles we play in dynamics, and lessons we are here to learn. And when we compare our key numbers with those of others' in our lives—whether human or furry—we can better understand the lessons we share and how we complement each other.


When did you realize you had this wonderful gift and the confidence to use it?

Like so many of us, I was very empathic and intuitive during childhood, which made me have a natural connection with animals of all shapes and sizes. I had many energetic interactions, but with no one to explain these experiences, I grew fearful of the what I was seeing, feeling, and sensing but couldn't explain, so I shut down my intuitive abilities. It wasn't until I left my decade-long career in advertising to pursue a new path working with pets and their humans that I opened back up to the intuitive abilities that I had known in my childhood. Focusing and connecting back with the animals reignited that intuitive connection I shared not only with the animals themselves, but with their humans, sensing how each pet's behavior was reflecting and drawing attention to the dynamics in their human's life. We all have the ability to connect in this way with our animal companions, and they are amazing at reminding us that we are all more intuitive than we give ourselves credit for.


Do you ever come across animals that don't want to share information ?

Although not often, I have come across a handful of pets that prefer not to share during a pet reading. And that's ok! We always want to be sure to ask for a pet's consent to connect and respect our pets' boundaries regardless of the answer. What I find in my pet readings is that our animal companions are the access point into our hearts, souls and inner guidance. When we tap into the unconditional love and trust we feel for our animal companions, our hearts expand and open up and we connect with a lot of other energetic allies beyond our pets. So if our animal companion doesn't feel like sharing on certain topics or even at all, there are plenty of other energetic supporters we open our hearts up to that can share wonderful messages with us, whether angels, guides, relatives that crossed over, or even the unity consciousness of animals in the wild. In the energy it's always a group effort — seldom do we connect solely with a single entity, pet or otherwise. Our furry friends are amazing at helping us let down our boundaries and open the energetic gateway for many loving energies to come through to support us during a reading.


How can understanding that our pets can be our mirrors and soul guides improve the relationship that we have with them?

Our everyday interactions with our pets truly have the power to transform and connect us. When we mindfully train, live, and connect with our animal companions, we begin understanding how our pets' behavior gives us insight into changes we can make in our own lives. And when we make those changes, we vibe higher, allowing our pets to shift their behavior and energy, too. Just like us, our animal companions want to feel seen and heard. And just like us, our animal companions are on their own path of personal growth. By mirroring back our own energy, beliefs, patterns, habits, and world views, we can work alongside our pets to reexamine and replace old energy and habits with new, more inspiring and helpful ones. Once we examine and release energetic clutter, our animal companions can do the same. And when we vibe higher, so do our pets. The process of going through this transformative journey together strengthens our connection with our furry friends, and creates a bond on the soul level. No longer are we perceiving our pets' behavior, attitude, or tendencies as separate from ourselves—we realize we are part of the dynamic and therefore part of the transformation. And that understanding of a soulful interconnectedness that begins with our pets can translate into broader relationships in our lives, careers, and communities.


Denise works with a global pack offering best-in-show mindful dog training courses and intuitive pet readings. Learn more at or by following @petprana on social media.


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