Is your pup's go bag ready?

Do you have an Emergency kit for your dog?

With the recent earthquake, and now fire season upon us in southern California, it's a good time to look over our own emergency kits and make sure they are up to date for both humans and for our furry friends. If you don't have a separate emergency kit ready to go for your pup I encourage you to make one.

What to have ready:

  • A record of vaccination and vet information

  • A current photo and description of your pet in case you get separated

  • Your pet's microchip number

  • Updated tags

  • Medications for your pet

  • A portable crate

  • Portable bowls

  • Food and water for at least 72 hrs; a two week supply is ideal.

  • A favorite stuffed animal, enrichment toy, and blanket

  • Pet First Aid Kit

  • Canine face mask

  • Leash

  • Poop bags

Also consider adding boots for their paws in the case of an earthquake, a lifejacket if you live in a flood- or hurricane-prone zone, a soft muzzle in the case of panic or injury, and cleaning supplies .

Download the Red Cross Pet First Aid App for access to quick tips (but remember, this is never a substitute for veterinary care).

Don't forget to have a plan for your pet in case of emergency. Know which local hotels are pet friendly as well as nearby boarding facilities, veterinarians, friends, or family that can take them in the event that you have to separate.

Adventure Medical Kits

Me and My Dog Series

A comprehensive first aid kit including bandages, gloves, gauze pads, antiseptic and more..

K9 Mask

Air pollution mask for dogs

Protect your dog from smoke, dust ash and chemicals.

ER Emergency Ready Deluxe Pet Kit

Grab n Go 72 hr kit with all the essentials

Quick way to ensure that your dog is protected and safe in case of an emergency

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