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Help Your Pup Stay Cool This Summer

Sunny days ahead mean more outdoor fun with your pup! But it's important to make mindful choices to protect your dog from too much heat exposure, like taking time in the shade, bringing your pup inside during the hottest times of the day, and reducing activity to only 10-15 minutes at a time when it's over 90 degrees. On top of that, here are some products that can help your canine friends keep their cool this summer.

Hurrta cooling wrap

This stylish and unique cooling wrap by Hurtta is designed to cover the parts of the dog’s body that most need to keep cool: the chest, large blood vessels and the lungs. Simply soak the vest in cold water, squeeze the water out, and then it’s ready for chillin!

RifRuf Snealkers for Dogs

These ridiculously cute and stylish sneakers by RifRuf actually serve a purpose: to protect your pup's sensitive paws from the scorching temps of hot asphalt. It can take only 60 seconds on hot pavement for a dog’s pads to burn. An excellent way to test if the pavement is safe for your dog is the “seven-second rule": place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you cannot hold it there for at least seven seconds, then the surface is too warm for your dog.

Merci Collective crystal infused water bottle

Plenty of fresh, cool water is essential for your pup, especially when it's hot outside. This crystal-infused water bottle from Merci Collective is crafted from 100% eco-friendly and non-hazardous materials and you can choose from a variety of crystals for extra support for your pet. Use discount code Baroo at check out.

Dog pool

Bring out the pool party! This extra durable, foldable, and portable outdoor pool comes in a variety of sizes for all sizes of dogs to splash around. Play it safe and don't leave your pup unattended even in this puppy wading pool.

Cooling Bandana for dogs

This Canada Pooch cooling scarf is as easy as it gets. Simply rinse this bandana in water and the fabric will activate an evaporation effect for on-the-go cooling. Made of polyester and nylon with no chemical coolants, it's an efficient way to help your pup keep their cool.

Dog water fountain

This paw-activated self-dispensing outdoor water fountain gives your dog easy access to water -- and some pups find it super fun!

Green pet shop cooling mat

For those pups that don't like to get wet, the Green Pet Shop Cooling mat is a pressure-activated, self-cooling mat that provides an easy way for your pup to chill.

Portable cooling system for dogs

This portable cooling system, for dogs is made of durable bacteria-resistant plastic with a biodegradable filter. Simply fill the internal tank with three pints of standard tap water to produce 45% cooler air for 10–30 hours depending on the fan speed.

*The vision of The Baroo is to showcase only things we love and think you and your pet will love and benefit from as well. One of the things we love is transparency, so, full disclosure: We may collect a share of sales or other compensation if you purchase through some of the external links on this page.


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