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Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy This Spring

Dog in Spring

It may seem like it's been an endless winter of wacky weather but the clouds are starting to part and the sun is beginning to shine. Spring fever is just around the corner. Here are a few tips to keep your pup happy and healthy as we head into the warmer months.

  1. Grooming: As the weather warms up you may notice your dog is shedding more. Many double-coated dogs like golden retrievers shed their coats in fall and spring. Regular grooming can help remove loose fur and prevent matting. In addition, omega 3 fatty acids like fish oil supplements can give added support for your pups' skin and coat.

  2. Exercise: You may want to take advantage of the longer daylight hours and milder weather by going for longer walks and hikes, or just playing fetch in the park. Remember to ease your pet back into an exercise routine if they have been sedentary during the winter months. Being mindful of potential problems like muscle strain or injured pads is key. Bring plenty of water!

  3. Outdoor Safety: When heading out on walks and hikes be mindful of potential hazards in nature such as toxic plants that are beginning  to bloom. And don’t forget: wild animals get spring fever too. Animals like rattlesnakes become more active in the spring months and most bites occur between April and October. If you’re in rattler country opt to keep your pup on leash when hiking and think about investing in a rattlesnake avoidance course.

  4. Tick and Flea Prevention: With spring comes an increase in the dreaded flea and ticks. Make sure your dog is up to date on their preventive medications. If preventive medication make you nervous there are also a number of alternatives out now that can help keep your dog pest free. Some dogs suffer from flea allergies and just one bite can cause your pup a lot of discomfort  

  5. Allergy Awareness: Just like humans, seasonal allergies to tree pollens and grasses can make dogs miserable. Watch for signs like itching, chewing, sneezing, inflamed skin, and watery/goopy eyes. It can be tough to find the root causes of these symptoms so consult your vet if you suspect your dog is suffering from allergies. Supplements like quercetin and omega-3’s can help boost your dog’s immune response.

  6. Spring Cleaning: Spring is synonymous with deep cleaning and orgainizing. Ensure that any cleaning products or chemicals you use are pet safe. Keep these items stored securely out of your dog's reach to prevent accidental ingestion.

Enjoy the warmer weather and outdoor adventures with your furry friend!


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