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Podcast Episode: Leap Years, A New Anti-Aging Supplement For Pets

Leap Years anti aging supplement
In this episode I talk about Animal Bioscience, a new anti-aging company for pets, originally founded by David Sinclair. David Sinclair is a Professor in the Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, and one of the world’s leading researchers on aging and age-associated diseases. I chat with Animal Bioscience CEO Nick Sinclair, Chief Veterinary Officer Ginny Rentko, and Dr. Heather Oxford, a holistic veterinarian who specializes in mobility and anti- aging in our pets. We chat about Animal Bioscience's game- changing new supplement, Leap Years, which is a two-part cellular health system that slows the effects of aging and extends the health and vitality of our best friends. My dog Chance has been taking Leap Years as part of their compassionate use program for close to 3 months now, and I am thrilled to say that we are already seeing some improvement in his mobility and cognitive function.



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