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Podcast Episode: Navigating Pet Loss During The Holiday Season

Navigating the holiday season after losing a beloved pet can be emotionally complicated, but you're not alone in this journey. Dr. Lindsey Wendt DVM, joins me co-hosting a chat with Mindy Meiering, LCSW, a licensed therapist, certified life coach and the author/creator of the Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Deck, a healing tool that supports people after the heartbreaking loss of a pet. She works with people who are navigating various types of loss and life transitions, offering them tools to cultivate resilience and healing.

Mindy shares her insights on the power of gratitude and the process of creating her grief deck. Our conversation is infused with actionable strategies for coping with grief during the holiday season, from incorporating pets into our holiday traditions to communicating our needs to loved ones. By the end, we hope you'll find comfort in the realization that while our pets' physical presence may fade, their spirit remains forever in our hearts.



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