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Podcast Episode: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy's Role in Veterinary Healing with Dr. Christina Montalbano

  Dr. Christina Montalbano from the University of Florida’s veterinary teaching hospital guides us through the  world of hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy for our animal companions. From horses to hamsters, we discuss  how this advanced treatment is offering a breath of fresh air to veterinary care, tackling ailments like wound management, spinal cord injuries, and a host of other conditions. Our conversation with Dr. Montalbano peels back the layers of history and science behind this modern marvel, revealing its journey from deep-sea applications to enhancing the well-being of pets and wildlife alike.We  discuss the preparations and protocols necessary to ensure a secure environment inside the chamber. Learn why the smallest details, from removing a dog's collar to monitoring a cat's body temperature, are critical for a successful session. Dr. Montalbano also walks us through the contraindications and challenges of the therapy, sharing her expert perspective on how it's not a one-size-fits-all solution and what it could mean for animals with specific conditions like ear problems or the risk of acquired deafness.We also explore how hyperbaric therapy holds its own when compared to treatments like ozone therapy, offering up vital information for pet owners seeking the best care options.



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