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Podcast Episode Re-Release: LeapYears, A Game Changing Anti-Aging Supplement for Dogs

Update: Since this episode originally aired, Leap Years has become the first daily supplement clinically proven to slow the effects of aging in our dogs.

As our beloved canine companions enter their golden years, we often notice signs of aging – slower movements, less enthusiasm for play, and perhaps a little less sparkle in their eyes. But what if there was a way to not just slow down this process, but actually revitalize our aging dogs? This is the fascinating topic we delve into on the latest episode of the Baroo Podcast, where we discuss a groundbreaking supplement from Animal Bioscience called Leap Years.

In this episode, we meet with CEO Nick Sinclair, Chief Veterinary Officer Jenny Renko, and holistic veterinarian Dr. Heather Oxford, who provide incredible insights into the development and impact of Leap Years on canine health and longevity. Leap Years is the result of pioneering research in the field of aging and longevity, which originally focused on humans. David Sinclair, a leading researcher on aging, translated this research to benefit our four-legged friends, giving rise to Animal Bioscience's mission to enhance the lives of pets. As pet owners, we yearn for ways to maintain the health and happiness of our dogs for as long as possible. Leap Years targets the cellular mechanisms of aging, addressing the decline of essential enzymes within the mitochondria, which are the powerhouses of cells. The supplement also tackles senescent cells – often called "zombie cells" – that should have died but continue to linger, causing inflammation and further depleting energy resources.

We share testimonials from dog owners who have witnessed remarkable improvements in their pets. From increased mobility to improved sleep patterns and appetite, the stories paint a picture of rejuvenation that seems nothing short of miraculous. In some cases, dogs that appeared to have lost their zest for life were once again frolicking and engaging with the world around them. My own dog Chance has been taking Leap Years for over a year now and we have seen significant improvement in his cognitive function, his mobility and even his skin and coat. He just celebrated his 16th birthday with gusto.

The resurgence of vitality in an aging dog does more than just extend their lifespan; it enriches the time we share with them, strengthening the human-animal bond. This holistic approach to pet health resonates deeply with listeners who view their dogs not just as pets, but as family members.

This conversation isn't just about a supplement; it's about joining a movement that celebrates the extended, joyful years we can spend with our canine companions.



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