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Podcast Episode: Unlocking the The Healing Power of Energy Medicine for You and Your Pets with Dr. Barry Sands

Imagine the invisible bonds of energy that tie us to our pets, stretching beyond what the eye can see. Dr. Barry Sands joins us to unravel the complexities of these connections, infusing veterinary care with the fascinating principles of quantum physics. We explore how therapies involving sound, light, and homeopathy aren't just for the body—they're for the soul, aligning our vibrational states with those of our furry friends for a deeper, more profound healing experience.

My own pup, Chance, and I have journeyed through emotional health challenges side by side.  In this episode, we reflect on the intertwined destinies of humans and animals, considering how our own unresolved traumas can manifest in the pets who share our lives.

Sharing wisdom from the Institute of HeartMath and embracing teachings from thought leaders like Bruce Lipton and Joe Dispenza, we reveal how love, intuition, and synchronicity can guide us and our animal companions towards a harmonious existence.



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