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Want to Support the Animals of Ukraine? Here Are a Few Ways You Can Help.

"The immediate needs during time of conflict are always focused on the safety of the people involved. However, we know from our rescue work around the world that animals are often the forgotten victims of conflict and war. Many animal shelters, sanctuaries and individual guardians refuse to evacuate because they do not want to leave their animals—placing them all in danger. It is our job to focus on the animals in times like this because we know that by helping animals, we are also helping people." —International Fund for Animal Welfare

Russia's sudden and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has forced millions of people to flee to neighboring countries in recent weeks. Many refugees have been able to bring their family pets with them across the borders, but others have been forced to make the agonizing decision to abandon their pets. Whatever the circumstances—panic, lack of resources, confusion—the animals left behind are vulnerable and terrified. In addition, many local rescue organizations are fighting to stay functional as they try to save as many of the abandoned and injured pets as they can, as well as livestock, wildlife, and animals trapped in zoos in harm's way.

While there are many organizations and volunteers doing good work, here are a handful of reputable organizations that we can support with financial donations.

Where To Donate

Humane Society International and the Red Cross

The Romanian Red Cross and The Humane Society International have paired up in an unprecedented way. For the first time in history the Romanian Red Cross has added life-saving veterinary supplies and pet food to their trucks to distribute according to need, not only those who have been able to get to checkpoints but to those who cannot flee or have chosen to stay in Ukraine to care for the thousands of animals left behind.


The International Fund for Animal Welfare is working with local shelters and government agencies to supply much-needed food, supplies, and veterinary care in Ukraine and the surrounding countries. Founded in 1969, the IFAW works around the globe to help animals in crisis.

ADA Foundation

The ADA foundation is a no-kill animal shelter that has operated in Przemysl, Poland for more than 15 years. Located just 30 minutes from the border with Ukraine, the shelter staff and veterinarians are urgently and tirelessly helping to empty out the animal shelters in Ukraine, making multiple trips to bring food and supplies into Ukraine and transporting animals out. In addition, they are offering space and veterinary services for the animals that refugees cannot keep with them at this time.


The American Veterinarian Medicine Foundation's disaster relief fund will help support veterinary teams and the animals they care for in areas of Ukraine affected by the war.

Harmony Fund

Harmony Fund is an American based non-profit that has been providing care to Ukranian shelters, and shelters around the globe, for years. They specialize in caring for smaller shelters worldwide.

Shelter Ugolyok

Shelter Ugolyok Paws of Help is a non-profit animal shelter in Ukraine with three locations throughout the country. They not only rescue dogs and cats, but offer sanctuary for farm animals as well. They are just one of the shelters whose staff has chosen to stay behind in an increasingly perilous time, as additional animals get dropped off and abandoned daily as people try to flee. They are in desperate need of food and supplies. You can donate to their FundRazr.

-Charlotte Bayne is the founder and CEO of The Baroo, and has been caring for other peoples’ dogs for more than fifteen years. She specializes in helping clients become more mindful about their pets' needs, and supports them in making sustainable choices to benefit their pets, family, and world. She lives in Los Angeles with her rescue dog, Chance


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