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Podcast Episode: Honoring Our Canine Veterans: The Transition from Service to Retirement with Mission K9 Rescue's Bob Bryant

Ever heard the powerful tale of Attila the Czech Shepherd, or the bond between Army handler Angela and her dog Szultan? In this episode I am joined by  Bob Bryant, the compassionate co-founder of Mission K9 Rescue, who shares these heartwarming stories and sheds light on the lesser-known journeys of working dogs as they transition to retirement. We chat about the  remarkable lives of these canine heroes, from sniffing out danger in explosive detection to their vigilant roles with the TSA, and delve into the critical need for structured post-service care.

Bob walks us through the intricate process of rehabilitating and rehoming these valiant dogs, unveiling the challenges they face, including coping with conditions like arthritis and PTSD. We also discuss the legislative efforts to provide these four-legged veterans with the medical benefits they deserve. If you're keen on learning how to support the legacy of these retired dogs or considering opening your home to one, tune in to find out how every contribution can ensure that these devoted companions live out their retirement enveloped in the love and dignity they've earned.



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