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Level Up Your Dog Crate with These Design Forward Picks

While a dog crate is a must-have safe space for your new puppy, with proper crate training your dog can have a cozy spot all their own at any age. And crates for mature dogs also offer peace of mind for pet parents, who can leave the house knowing that their furry friend isn’t wreaking havoc or getting themselves into trouble while they're out.

Traditionally we think of dog crates as dull, metal dog enclosures. Not particularly design-forward, and somewhat depressing! Luckily, more and more beautiful, functional dog kennels have been popping up of late. Here are just a few of our favorite crates; they'll all give your pet a safe, snuggly space while sparing you a living room eyesore.

Diggs Crate

The Diggs Revol dog crate is an attractive and sturdy take on the standard metal dog crate. According to the website it is inspired by baby-industry quality standards and is made with a solid, single-piece frame that helps prevent injury to jaws and paws. And it comes in an array of colors to boot.

Designer Dog Crate

This fun designer doghouse gives your pup a chic safe place to relax. The acrylic door and ventilation slats provide lots of air and light. It's best for small dogs but can be custom made for any size pup!

Fable Dog Crate

This Fable crate is made from premium bentwood and comes in two finishes—signature and limited-edition walnut. The gate, offered in metal or clear acrylic, may be secured in place or stored discreetly within the unit. The minimalist design blends seamlessly into any home as a side table and balances generous airflow and light in a serene den-like environment for your pet.

Deigner Dog Crate

An elegant snuggly retreat for the medium size dog. Made of sturdy plywood in a variety of colors and easy to assemble. If your pup is a chewer, they offer replacement panels.

Acrylic Dig Crate

The acrylic doggy den by Pretty Kennels, out of Austin, Texas, fits seamlessly into any decor, provides plenty of light, and allows your pup to have an unobstructed view. Made to order and suitable for dogs up to 35lbs.

Custom Dog Crate

Handmade in Ukraine, this corner-fitting dog crate provides a snuggly and stylish place for your pup to lounge. Made of sturdy plywood and nontoxic paint, it comes in a variety of colors and styles. Can be personalized to order.

Luxury Crate

Sleek, sturdy, and easy to put together, the Moderno dog crate is a stylish architectural den that will surely be a conversation piece. Suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Stylish Dog crate

The Master Gold modern dog house has a comfortable, modern design with an airy architectural feel. Made to order and suitable for small- to medium-size dogs.

Crate Cover

Spice up your traditional metal crate with a Jax and Bone stylish dog crate covers and pad system. Machine washable and comes in a variety of colors to suite any decor.

*The vision of The Baroo is to showcase only things we love and think you and your pet will love and benefit from as well. One of the things we love is transparency, so, full disclosure: We may collect a share of sales or other compensation if you purchase through some of the external links on this page.


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