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Podcast Episode: Not One More Vet with Dr. Taylor Miller

Dr. Taylor Miller of Not One More Vet
*A warning that this episode briefly discusses sensitive and potentially triggering topics such as pet euthanasia, mental health and suicide.

A mental health crisis is affecting the veterinary community. According to the American Medical Veterinary Association 1 in 6 veterinarians considers suicide at some point in their career. Risk of death by suicide for male vets is 1.6 times more than for the general population and for female vets 2.4 times more than the general population: 80% of veterinarians are women. The numbers for vet technicians are staggering as well. In this episode I chat with Dr. Taylor Miller of Not One More Vet. Not One More Vet is a non-profit dedicated to providing support, education, and awareness for veterinarians and their technicians. We chat about some of the pressures, realities, and emotional stress of being a veterinarian, as well as the toll the pandemic took on the industry. We also discuss some of the ways we as pet guardians can be more mindful and even a little more prepared for our vet visits.



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